About Us

We Help People Buy Land

We sell land ​far below retail value by purchasing at a discount and passing the savings onto our buyers. ​We make the process Fast and Easy​. You can pay with a credit card. And we will prepare the paperwork.​​

How Our Company Works

Our business is ​owned by two brothers—Wayne and Brian. We have been working in ​real estate​ since 2004.

We buy two types of real estate. ​We buy ​ land ​in many states under ​Fast Easy Land. And we buy ​homes in San Diego, California under ​Fast Easy Homes.

We treat our buyers and sellers fairly. Our goal is to buy and sell properties so that everyone benefits.

Get in Touch With Us

Feel free to reach out to us by email or by phone. We’d ​enjoy hearing from you.

Call Us ​619-331-7744

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