Frequently Asked Questions


Step 1 - Choose a property

Look through our our current inventory.

Step 2 - Research the Property

All the information we have about a property is included in our website. You can get more information by calling the county tax assessor and planning departments. And you can drive out to the property to inspect it for yourself.

Step 3 - Decide how you want to handle escrow

We can create a deed for the property and get it recorded for you. Or you can hire a third-party escrow company, which will take longer.

Step 4 - Decide whether you want title insurance

You can research the title for the property on the county recorder's website. Or you can pay for a third party to research the title and provide title insurance, which will take longer.

Step 5 - Paying for the Property

If you want us to take care of the paperwork, then you can pay for the property on our site using a credit card.

If you want to use a third-party escrow, then you will deposit $500 into escrow within three days. Then when the title has been verified, and the deed has been signed, you will deposit the remaining balance into escrow.

Step 6 - Getting the Deed and Closing the Deal 

If we create the deed it will be done in three days. Then it is mailed to the county recorder's office to be recorded, which can take three weeks.

If escrow creates the deed it takes about a month. And if they need to mail it to the county recorder's office it can take another three weeks.


How do I get more information about a property?

We have a listing page for each property where we publish the information we have about it. If you want more information, call the county or visit their website. In our property listing we include the contact information for the county zoning, tax assessor, and treasurer’s office.

The zoning department will tell you what can be done on the property. The tax assessor can tell you the assessed value. The treasurer’s office can provide annual tax amount and whether any taxes are currently owed on the property.

Often a county publishes information about properties on their website. If you call the county for information you will need to provide them with the assessor’s parcel number (APN).

Can I visit a property before buying it?

Yes. We encourage you to see a property in person before purchasing it. We live too far away from the property to show it to you. So go out to the property at your convenience.

You will need the GPS coordinates, found in the property listing, to locate the property. Download a GPS app onto your phone, such as Easy GPS, and then enter the coordinates.

Some properties are located right next to a road. Others require that you go off road in order to access them.

What is the size of the property?

The property size, in acres, is included in the property listing. We get the property size from databases that access the county records. We believe the posted property size is accurate. However, it can be off. You may decide to perform a survey to verify the size of the property.

Do I need a survey?

You may want to hire a licensed surveyor to verify the size of the property and the property lines. You may also need a survey to get a permit if you want to improve the property. You can get a list of surveyors in the area by contacting the local building department or the county surveyor.

What is the legal description?

The legal description is a written depiction of the property. Property is transferred based on the legal description found in the deed. We copy the legal description from the deed issued when we purchased the property.

The legal description is often based on the public land survey system. And it can also be based on distances from major land marks.

The GPS coordinates, acreage, or maps of the property are not included in the legal description.

What costs am I responsible for paying?

The buyer is responsible for paying for the following items: escrow, title insurance, a survey, a perc test, a well inspection, and a septic inspection. We are able sell properties way below market value by having you choose the services you want.

How do the taxes work?

Property taxes are levied by the county tax assessor’s office. The taxes for a property are calculated based on the assessed value as determined by the tax assessor. The assessed value may not be a good estimate of the market value of the property.

Usually there is little or no property taxes owed on a property you buy from us. If any property taxes are owed on the property, it will be mentioned in our property listing.

How do I get the deed for the property?

The deed provides a legal description of the property, the previous owner, and the current owner. Once a deed is created it is recorded at the county clerk or recorder.

When we sell you a property without using an escrow company, we create your deed. Then we mail the deed to the county recorder who records it and forwards it to you. The process usually takes three weeks.

Occasionally we buy a property and then turn around and sell it before a deed has been recorded in our name. If that happens with your property, then we will wait for our deed to be recorded before creating and recording your deed.

Can we close through an escrow company?

Yes. Yet if you decide to purchase through an escrow company you are responsible for the fees.

An escrow company is a third party that facilitates a real estate purchase. It creates a deed that is signed by the seller. And it receives the purchase funds from the buyer. At close of escrow, it records the deed and sends the seller the purchase funds.

It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks for escrow to process all the paperwork. However, it can take longer. And if the deed is mailed to the recorder’s office it can take an additional 3 weeks for the deed to be recorded.

We sometimes purchase a property through an escrow company. If so, then the process of selling the same property to you can be faster than normal.

You don’t need to use an escrow company to buy land. We can create the deed and mail it to the recorder’s office. We charge a small fee. And you will own the property more quickly then when using an escrow company.

Can I get title insurance?

Yes if you pay the fees.

A title company researches the chain of title for a property. They look at all the past deeds to make sure title has been transferred correctly from each seller to each buyer.

When we buy a property, we sometimes purchase title insurance. And other times we simply research the chain of title ourselves by reviewing the past deeds online. You can either pay for title insurance or research the chain of title yourself.

Does the property have utilities?

In the property listing, we will provide the information we have about the utilities. Most of the properties do not have electricity or running water on them.

Some parcels have electricity or water access fairly close to the property. You then need to get the electricity or water to your property.

There are ways of having energy, water, and sanitation on the property that does not rely upon the utility company. Do some research online to see all of your options.

Can I park an RV on the property?

You should call the county planning and zoning department to ask about placing an RV, or any other kind of structure, on the property. Most counties will allow the owner to place an RV on the property if he has acquired a building permit and plans to build a more permanent residence. Many counties allow you to continue renewing a building permit indefinitely even if you have yet to build anything on the property.


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